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Pop the Bubbly!

Life is a party, and what better way to celebrate than with champagne!

Bisous  is turning a bottle into a canvas to create personalized, one of a kind gifts that will last long after the party ends. The first and most notable product from Bisous, we have nearly perfected the art of preserving a memory and  turning a concept into a special, detailed, work of art. Perfect for all your gifting & celebratory needs. 

Signature Prints

Shop our selection of Bisous Signature Prints exclusive to Bisous. Hand painted by our Atelier to help you celebrate any event, decorate your bar cart, or enjoy a bottle of bubbly! 

These designs have been pre-created by our atelier to offer a selection of prints that are available for one time purchase or bulk purchases, without having to go through a full custom design process. Perfect to have on hand as a hostess gift, elevate your party decor, or send to celebrate when you can't physically be there!  


Custom Design

Work one-on-one with our artelier to create a custom design. From ideation to completion, we work with clients to create the perfect deign. The difference between good and great are the little details. We focus on the details to create bespoke, quality, artistic keepsakes that uplifts and inspires others. Perfect way to capture a memory in a bottle. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, housewarming- if you can dream it, we can paint it! 








Washington, D.C & Middleburg, VA

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