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Bisous: Behind the Brush

Welcome to Bisous Editorial, Where the art, fashion, and parties collide!

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Hi Guys, I'm Elle. I am the creative behind Bisous!

I have always had an affinity for beautiful things. From a young age I was drawn to fashion and interiors; Hoarding Vogue, Architectural Digest & whatever else I could get my hands on. I was constantly finding projects and little jobs I could take on to exercise my creative muscle. However, it wasn't until after I graduate from college with a degree in sports medicine and a path into the medical field, that I took a sharp left turn into a creative career path.

While living in Washington, DC I tried my hand at multiple creative fields - events, weddings and social specifically, interior design & decorating, and a brief stint as a social media manager. While these served the purpose of filling my 9-5, I still felt as though I needed a more personal creative outlet. I started playing around with painting & crafting in my free time. I have always loved a good DIY. It wasn't until I posted on my instagram that I realized people were interested in what I was creating! Then, Boom- Bisous was created!

I would have never imagined that I would be an "artist", creating things from my home & sharing them with so many all across the country! While I have loved sharing my creations with you all, and taking you on my journey via instagram, I have so much more to share!

Bisous Editorial is a place that I hope becomes more of an insight into who I am, what Bious means to me, where I find inspiration, products and places I love & other fun projects!

Earrings: The Pink Reef Dress: Sue Sartor

Scrolling through insta, adding to cart & browsing Pinterest are some of my favorite hobbies, so I am here to share some of my monthly finds with you guys too! I love shopping luxury on a budget, DIYing home furnishes & coming up with awesome entertaining tips & tricks.

I hope you will all follow along on this journey of sharing more about my creative mind & what I love. Make sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter where I will be sharing things that inspired me that month, happenings in the coming month & some fun DIYs or tips and tricks, follow my Amazon store page page & get ready to soiree. Can't wait to build this community of lovers of beautiful things!

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